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Mark Griffin- CEO, CueSports International

“Texas Bumps™ is a new and fun concept for a pool game.
It can be enjoyed by the recreational and occasional pool player (and fan).
This game is designed to be a ‘parlor game’ – which can be enjoyed in more relaxed surroundings than the normal pool event.
In Texas Bumps™, it is true that ‘Average Joe™ can Beat the Pro’.
It is a game built for enjoyment and fun –and for the winner to have bragging rights!!
The best pool player does not have to win this game!
Give it a try and you will see – win or lose – Texas Bumps™ is fun to play. The way pool is supposed to be!

Mark Griffin, CEO csi

Joe Tucker- Billiards Professional and Instructor

“Here’s how I think Texas Bumps™ will not only help you as an individual but how I think it will help our entire industry.
For you, you’re going to have a great new game that you can play with anyone, of any level, at any table and you’re guaranteed to have a lot of fun doing it. Family, friends or serious competitors are all in for a great time full of fun, pressure and laughs and they’ll all have you to thank for it.
For our industry as a whole, I see much of the same good times and also see how it can help us attract more players.
Date nights; Way more fun. Date night at a pool hall can be hard for couples with different skill levels, but Texas Bumps™ greatly levels the playing field. I can tell you they’ll be a lot more smiles and laughter when the couples are competing either with or against each other.
Kids; The perfect game or way for kids to get started in pool. They will learn touch, accuracy and get comfortable with a cue in their hands and end up catching on to billiards a whole lot faster.
Charity Events; Perfect, Perfect, Perfect. There is no better way for a bunch of social or typically non pool playing people to spend their time around a pool table than playing Texas Bumps™. They are sure to have a lot more fun which means they will be much more likely to come back or to at least tell their friends what a good time they had playing pool.
Billiard Rooms in General; Do your local room owners a favor and turn them on to Texas Bumps™. They will thank you for years to come. If they host some birthday, bachelor or company parties their customers are going to have a lot more fun and that’s the key to repeat to repeat business.
Serious Players; I know you won’t believe this until you actually see it for yourself but I will say it anyway. I believe that average amateur players can get so good at this game that they’ll be able to put the heat on the best players in the world without the need of any handicap at all. That’s right, I said it, no handicap at all. I have seen it and believe it can happen. That’s one of the reasons I got involved with this company, they wanted a skill and strategy based game where amateurs could compete against pros without the use of a handicap, just like they do with Texas Holde’em, I believe they have succeeded because I have tested it personally for hundreds of games. Anyone that gets real good at rolling the ball into a raised 7th Pocket can actually beat the best players in the world and I can’t wait for you to go out and prove it!
If you know anyone that has a home table, you have to make sure they get a set of
Texas Bumps™!

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