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Condensed Rules

Object of Game: Make your five balls onto your “Target” Pocket before your opponent makes theirs.

"Game Starting Table Layout"

Player 1 has five solid colored balls and is shooting at the rear Red “Target” Pocket. Player 2 has five striped balls and is shooting at the rear Black “Target” Pocket.

Starting the Game
Object Balls, are lined up on the head and foot strings and are always lined up lowest to highest left to right (2 3 4 5 & 11 12 13 14)
Game Starting Balls, the 1 & 15, both players shoot at the same time into opposite side cushions. The player that lands closest to or onto their intended target pocket will shoot next. This ball must be legally pocketed before a player is allowed to start shooting their other object balls or the cue ball. These balls are protected 100% and can never be hit by any opponent’s ball. If this occurs, the offending player loses his turn, the offending ball/s goes back to game starting position, and their opponent gets game starting Ball in hand. When a player legally pockets one of their balls onto their “Target” Pocket, it is removed from the pocket and the player keeps shooting. Whenever a ball lands in a drop pocket or unintended “Target” or “Blocking” Pocket, it will simply be re-spotted to its game starting position.
Note: All balls are shot directly with the cue at their “Target” Pockets.
 The Cue Ball is “Wild”. If a player legally pockets the cue ball into their intended “Target” Pocket, the cue ball is re-spotted to its center table position, the player gets to choose any 1 of their remaining balls to take off the table, and continues shooting.
Legal Shots and Illegal Shots
To execute a legal shot a player must contact a rail, a drop pocket or a TB “Blocking” or “Target” Pocket at some point during the course of the shot. Penalty: offending ball is sent back to its game starting position.

A player is not allowed to shoot directly at their opponents balls. Meaning they must contact something else on the table prior to striking any of their opponents balls.
If a player does contact their opponents ball prior to striking anything else (one of their other balls, the cue ball, a cushion or any TB Pocket) it will be considered an illegal shot resulting in “Any ball in hand” for non-offending player with the offending ball being sent back to game starting position.


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