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7th Pocket Billiards, LLC, has invented a new billiards game, Texas Bumps™, which we believe will have the same positive and near revolutionary effect on billiards that Texas Hold’em has had on the poker industry. Our objective is to turn Texas Bumps™ into a popular game enjoyed by professionals and amateurs across the country.

While Texas Bumps™ is a game of skill and strategy, the game can be learned quickly and mastered in weeks rather than years. Thus, amateurs and professional pool players can play competitive matches without the need for a handicap system. Texas Bumps™ is the only billiards game available for competitive play Where the Average Joe can Beat the Pro! All other billiards leagues play traditional billiards games which require the much maligned handicap system to even the competition between amateurs and professionals. Just like Texas Hold’em, Texas Bumps™ allows amateurs and professionals to compete on a level playing field so no handicap system is required.

Amateur players will have the time of their life, Win or Lose! Amateur players will now be able to compete with the top ranked professional billiard players on local and national levels. Imagine how amateur golfers would feel if they could compete with top professional golfers in a golf-based game and actually have a chance to beat them by “simply” making a four foot putt on the last hole. Talk about a pressure packed situation that the amateur player will always remember, win or loss. Unimaginable until now, Texas Bumps™ actually allows this dynamic situation to occur. Just like Texas Hold’em!

We also believe that Texas Bumps™ will appeal to the casual players and junior players as well. The game allows everyone to compete with just a little practice. Date Night at the billiard hall will never be the same because now everyone can play. Texas Bumps™ is also the perfect game or way for kids to get started in billiards. They will learn touch, accuracy, and get comfortable with a cue in their hands and end up catching on to billiards a whole lot faster

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